Lemon Dishwasher Liquid you can make with your Thermomix.

3 months before Monkey was born we moved into our (fingers crossed) forever home. After moving 5 times since being pregnant with Rabbit we were beyond excited BUT Our forever home had an old (not vintage, not retro, just an ugly old kitchen!) kitchen and no dishwasher. Its shallow benches meant we couldn’t even rip out a cupboard and put one in. After having a dishwasher in our last few homes it was a hard adjustment ( #firstworldproblems I know).

Fast forward 2 and a half years and the kitchen is almost finished and we have a dishwasher again (Can I get a ‘Woot, woot’??)! What I’d forgotten whilst longing for my 2nd favourite appliances return was that dishwasher tablets are expensive. What concerns me now too is that dishwasher tablets are pretty toxic!

So of course I decided that my Thermomix and I could fix that problem. We’ve been making laundry powder and loving it so surely dishwashing powder or liquid wasn’t a huge step from there. When came across this recipe on pinterest I thought I would give it a go. I had a basket full of free lemons from my Mum’s house, so nothing to lose!

lemon dishwasher liquid

You will need:

350 – 450 grams of whole lemons, chopped in halves or quarters, seeds removed
200 grams of white vinegar
300 grams of salt (I used cooking salt)

  1. Start by adding the halved lemons to the TM bowl. Remove the seeds you can see but leave the skin on. Chop 5 seconds on speed 6. Add 375 grams of water.
  2. Cook lemon 25 minutes / varoma /speed 2. When cooked puree (you can allow it to cool a little if you like but there is no need) by setting timer to 30 seconds and blade speed to speed 5. Allow the blades to get up to speed for a few seconds and then gradually (over a 5 – 10 second period) increase the speed to 9. Once the TM5 arms unlock scrape the sides of the bowl and the lid to get all of the lemon flesh into the puree. Repeat pureeing process.
  3. Add 500 grams of water, 200 grams of white vinegar and 300 grams of salt. Combine for 20 seconds on speed 6.
  4. Strain through a mesh strainer into a wide mouthed jar or jars. I left the seeds in mine and had less than a tablespoon of seed and pulp strings. This recipes created 1.5 litres of lemon dishwasher liquid.
  5. Fill bowl with about a litre of water immediately and self clean for at least 20 seconds on speed 6, reversing a few times and take speed up to 9 for a couple of seconds to clean top of bowl.

To use pour or scoop gel into the detergent draw as you would with tablets, powder or gel. Depending on the price of your lemons, this cleaner is hugely economical. I had free lemons so 1.5L cost me less than a litre of tap water, 200 grams of vinegar and 300 grams of salt (less than $1 according to my calculations!). This is a perfect way to use imperfect lemons up!

Prefer a tablet? Freeze it in an icecube tray like Thermolicious Ruth has done!


8 thoughts on “Lemon Dishwasher Liquid you can make with your Thermomix.

  1. I made this a couple of days ago, so I’ve used it once. What fantastic result & I would recommend that if u have thermo u need to make this, as it really works & it’s inexpensive. NOT GOING BACK.


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