Everyday Savings.

I know that you’ve heard people, consultants and Thermomix in Australia mention that the Thermomix saves us money but how exactly and how much money? There are a number of different ways to save money with your Thermomix, some of which I’m going to outline here for you and the ammount you save varies household to household but an average amount is around $50 a week! Saving just $22 from your grocery bill at the moment will make the Thermomix pay for itself!

Being able to whip things up from scratch so easily means that you stop paying for ‘convenience so foods that you enjoy regularly cost a fraction of what they do preprepared.

  • Jars and packets of meal base sauces and seasonings can be very expensive! By buying individual ingredients you can make your own at a fraction of the cost. You can also adjust flavours to suit and avoid additives.
  • Frozen and convenience meals like pies, chicken kievs, sausage rolls, lasagne etc can all be made in no time and taste delicous! Cooking in bulk is so much faster now meaning you could easily create your own ‘frozen meals’ to take for work lunches or to reheat for a prep-free dinner. Winter soups!
  • Yoghurt, custards, ice creams, sorbets and even soft cheeses made for the price of milk and a few other pantry basics! How much do you currently spend on these items?
  • Cakes, muffins, slices, muesli bars, biscuits, crackers, bliss balls and other snacks are easy to make, there are literally hundreds of recipes for these! The precision of the Thermomix means that you can create fail proof and consistent snacks easily.
  • Make your own drinks. Easily whip up milo replacement, drinking chocolate of chai latte mix. Or make your morning smoothie, juice, cappucino or frappe instead of buying one! You can even make Bailey’s or a traditional lemonade.
  • Limit take away because its literally easier to throw together a delicious take away at home than it is to put on pants and go out to pick one up (Don’t judge me! I know you have avoided leaving the house because it meant putting on pants or a bra and it wasn’t worth the effort!). A weekly take away replacement meal for us is pizza. Pizza bases for $1, topped with vegies, cheese grated in the TMX (for half the price of pre-grated cheese!) or even mozzarella you made yourself and left overs from the week (thai curry pizza, mexican pizza, beef and mushroom pizza – stop throwing away those small serves of left overs and the possibilities are endless!) – such a cheap meal!
  • Spreads dips and sauces – nut butters, jams, mayonaise, butter, hommus, pesto, tomato sauce, french onion dip, bbq sauce, relishes…
  • House hold essentials; make your own laundry powder, liquid soap, detergents and cleaning products for a fraction of the cost. Mill your own flours and nut meals or create icing sugar, caster sugar and brown sugar all from your (much cheaper) white or raw sugar!
  • Pet foods and treats!
  • Breads, rolls, scrolls, pull aparts – around $1-$2 worth of ingredients with bakery quality results! You can also create your own pastries.
  • Stock and pastes. This one is an incredible saving – less than $5 of ingredients and you create enough for over 12L of liquid stock or 24 ‘stock pots’! You can also create your own tomato paste or curry pastes.


Another way that people save money with a Thermomix is through the electricity savings. Layered cooking means that you only need one power source to cook a meal for an entire family. For about the same energy as 1 induction hot plate you can cook what would ordinarily be in 3 or 4 different pots! The quick heating and continual stirring allow food to be cooked evenly, fast.

Using more whole ingredients makes bulk buying a great idea. We all know that buying in bulk is cheaper. Using more of these staple ingredients means that your bulk purchases won’t be going to waste and you will save money! For example – you can buy 1kg of bread flour for pizza bases in the supermarket for $4 OR you can buy 12.5kgs of bread flour in a bulk bag for $15. That is a saving of $35! If you’re currently buying grated cheese and block cheese you could save a heap by buying the bigger block and grating your own.

For people who have dietary requirements or preferences and need to purchase dairy free, lactose free or gluten free products, a Thermomix can lead to huge savings. Create your own nut, coconut and rice milks, grind your own flour, bake your own GF breads and cakes. These products can be hugely expensive and often not even very tastey!

Now seeing all of these ideas (and these are just the tip of the ice berg of ideas!) listed you might think “But who has time to do all of that from scratch?” or “Will I actually use it?. The majority of Thermomix cooking can be done with very little hands on cooking time. You simply put the ingredients in, turn a dial and all of the works done for you. Its also very fast so a day at home can lead to a  great number of items being cooked whilst binge watching your latest TV series (for me its Mistresses) or cleaning the house or playing with the kids or reading a book. The Thermomix gives us the power to easily cook from scratch without sacrificing the quality time we all deserve.

A Thermomix is an investment and when used correctly its one that will pay for itself time and time again over its lifetime. With the current flexible payment option starting at just $22 a week repayments, can you actually afford not to get your own!? Contact your consultant or if you don’t know one then visit Thermomix and a local consultant will be in contact with you soon!


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