How we explain overwhelm to our 5 year old

Our sensitive girl, Miss Rabbit, has had some big melt down moments over the past year. I’ve blogged about it before and we were struggling with how to help her avoid getting to these melt down points. As time’s gone on, I mostly can now see these episodes approaching. Impeding doom with no clue of how to prevent it. As her Mum, I can only do so much. I can provide some calm or some distraction but I can’t control her emotions for her. Continue reading


Yes, you can have pizza for breakfast!

Hmmm, I forgot to blog again! I guess if I’m honest, I didn’t forget, I’ve been telling myself I should blog for weeks BUT I had a bit of writers block so¬† just kept putting it off.

Its school holidays in NSW and my little preschooler is well and truly in need of the break! She could have gone to school this year, there are children in big school who are younger than her but we kept her back for that extra year. I dread to think how she would be right now if she’d been attending full time school because let me tell you, 3 days of preschool has taken it out of her! And a tired, sensitive child is an EMOTIONAL time bomb!

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