Yes, you can have pizza for breakfast!

Hmmm, I forgot to blog again! I guess if I’m honest, I didn’t forget, I’ve been telling myself I should blog for weeks BUT I had a bit of writers block so  just kept putting it off.

Its school holidays in NSW and my little preschooler is well and truly in need of the break! She could have gone to school this year, there are children in big school who are younger than her but we kept her back for that extra year. I dread to think how she would be right now if she’d been attending full time school because let me tell you, 3 days of preschool has taken it out of her! And a tired, sensitive child is an EMOTIONAL time bomb!

This morning she was teetering on the edge. She’d woken up, got her tablet from my bedside table and crawled back into bed to watch youtube videos (she’s partial to the playing with barbie doll, soap opera vids. If one of the Barbies is expecting then even better.). Miss 2 was chilling in bed with me, playing games, pretending to read me stories and be my Mumma. When it was time to rise, Rabbit was edgey and teary. She was hangry, hangry is never a good mood for her, and she was tired and we needed something to ’empty her bucket’ so we could get today off to a good start. So I suggested pizza for breakfast!

Yesterday we whipped up pizza for lunch. Using the pizza dough on the Thermomix Basic Cookbook recipe chip, we used half for lunch and left half of the dough in the fridge to use another time. Cost wise this pizza dough costs under $1 per batch and it made enough for lunch and breakfast for me and both girls, thats incredibly economical!

Together Miss Rabbit and I rolled out the bases. I used the dough straight from the fridge, they probably would be fluffier if they were at room temperature first but they worked beautifully. We topped the girls pizza with BBQ sauce, tomato paste, onion, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bacon, cheese and cracked an egg in the middle. Mine had roasted capsicum added and YIAH Cinco Pepper Enchilada dip mix (YUM!) sprinkled on top. Baked for 15 minutes and served. As you can see in the pictures below, I broke the yolk in my egg so it cooked harder than the girls one. The girls loved this breakfast. It was essentially just a big breaky but served in a fun way. It was easy to put together, cheap and whilst it baked I wrote most of this blog post – multi tasking Mumma in da house today!

breakfast pizza

By the way, the girls have to have different coloured plates; Monkey likes a blue plate, its her Elsa plate and Rabbit likes the red plate because “Red’s your favourite colour Mumma.”. Whats for breakfast at your house this school holidays?


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