My business passion.

I had a lovely early birthday dinner with my family on Saturday night after Open day. As we all sat around the table enjoying my favourite dinner my parents asked me how my day had been. As I excitedly chatted about the fantastic day I’d had (which was only possible thanks to them baby sitting Rabbit and Monkey for me) my Dad smiled at me and said “I never, ever expected to see you in sales AND excited by it.”
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Hello world 🙂

I’ve mentioned it before but my weight has always been a struggle for me. I have been over weight/obese since I hit puberty. I don’t use those labels to put myself down, they are just accurate descriptions, medical labels which describe my body type. What I do use to put myself down is ‘fat’. When I’m hating on my self I think “You are fat!”, hurled like a knife at my self-esteem; “fat girl!”, “too fat for this!” “too fat for that!”. Like many of us, my inner voice can be full of hate, talking to myself in a way I would never dream of speaking to anyone else.

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