Not too naughty Easter Slice


Its a month until Easter and although the supermarkets have had Easter rammed down our throats stock on the shelves since boxing day, I prefer to limit all the carby and chocolatey cheer to just a month! So this week I worked on a little Easter slice recipe and I am oh so proud of how it turned out!

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Thermomix Open Day 2016

Saturday the 13th of February was Thermomix Open Day. We were lucky enough to have an event held in my branch so I was able to attend (very exciting as there were only very limited events held nationally and being rural we often find ourselves overlooked ( not by Thermomix, just in general)! So Thermomix choosing Bangalow was exciting news & shows what a fantastic growth area we live in!


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Finish off February

Facebook memories reminded me that last year I did something called ‘Finish it off Februaury’ where I finally finished off some of my unfinished sewing projects so I’ve decided to do the same again this year. I haven’t had a sew-jo since October but I finished Frocktober with a number of unfinished dresses that I plan to finish this month.

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Kitchen Renovation Time Part 2

Renovating your home is hard work. Yes there’s the labour of tearing the old one out and putting the new one in and of course the expense but I’m not talking about that. No, renovating is hard because of all the decisions you have to make! Continue reading

Colour my world!

So let’s talk about adult colouring in. Who amongst us is an addict?…. ME!!!! A few years ago my bestie told me she loved colouring in (she was cool before adults colouring in was even a thing!) I was honestly shocked! Boring! Plus I’m no artist so I’d certainly never make anything to be proud of! I was in year 5 before they even gave me a pen license and I’m fairly sure it was a pity pen license!

This year, Aussie grown ups are getting in touch with their inner child and colouring books are flying off the shelves! Retailers don’t seem to be able to keep up with demand most of the time (I spent months searching for a very wanted book at my local Big W store! When I walked in and it was on the shelf I went into full ninja mode and grabbed that book so fast you’d think it was calorie free chocolate!) and new titles are appearing on shelves every week (much to Mr Mixie’s annoyance!).

Not only are these books filled with beautiful pictures but the experts are saying they are good for us too! This year I was diagnosed with PND (which is pretty well under control now) and I’m definitely noticing that, for me at least, adult colouring in is a seriously calming pass time. At the end of a busy, stressful days taking some time out with my gel pens and (growing) collection of colouring in books has a really positive impact on my head space. Another perk is that it’s eating into my screen time. I’ve also noticed when my 4year old joins me with her special book it has a very calming affect on her too.

There are plenty of free printable pages around, or just about every major retailer, newsagent and book shop in Oz stocks them, if you want to see what all the fuss is about!

I’m certainly a convert to colouring in and in the wise words of my girl Samantha…