Disciplining our children.

Disciplining our children is such an important part of being a parent. Lately, as we’ve struggled with Rabbit’s big emotions and the behavior that comes with them, finding a discipline solution that works for us and her is proving very tricky. While I’ve been busy researching, Ive just stumbled across an incredible resource that is going to be a great help in guiding how I discipline from here on in.
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Well it happened… Today my baby hurt herself (well her sister pulled her over hugging her actually but thats a different story). “Come here bubby.” I said as I went in for the hug. As she was running to me with tears streaming down her face she responds “I not baby!”
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The Real Motherhood Challenge – M’s story

For many men fatherhood today is just as big of a role as motherhood. Modern men don’t walk in the door from work to a hot meal, shiny faced children and a perfectly presented wife to silently hear his struggles without burdening him with any of her own. They are hands on, they often parent unassisted, either as the stay at home parent, single parents or caring for the children alone during the time their partners are at work at night or on weekends. Like motherhood the true challenges of fatherhood are often glossed over and mens role in parenting is also often down played; Dads babysitting again? No, he is actually parenting. I am the primary stay at home parent in our family but when I’m at work my husband is the stay at home parent and does everything I would be doing.

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The Real Motherhood Challenge – my stories.

I have shared my story of our pregnancy loss here and mentioned my PND diagnosis a few times. I was the girl who always wanted to be a Mum. When I miscarried I was devastated, when I had 2 false positives I was literally more broken than I have ever been. I probably should have done something about my depression then but I didn’t. I figured I was just grieving and it would go away. It did for a while. Finally we got our beautiful Monkey, our rainbow baby and I thought that my depression was fixed but it wasn’t.

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