Lemon Dishwasher Liquid you can make with your Thermomix.

3 months before Monkey was born we moved into our (fingers crossed) forever home. After moving 5 times since being pregnant with Rabbit we were beyond excited BUT Our forever home had an old (not vintage, not retro, just an ugly old kitchen!) kitchen and no dishwasher. Its shallow benches meant we couldn’t even rip out a cupboard and put one in. After having a dishwasher in our last few homes it was a hard adjustment ( #firstworldproblems I know).
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Easy YIAH TMX vegetable soup

Just in time for Winter, there is finally a chill in the air! So for lunch today Im enjoying a piping hot bowl of this 20 minute soup. Continue reading

Cranberry Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are popular right now. Packed full of goodness, they are a really easy snack. However, not all bliss balls are created equally and unless they are packed with sticky dried fruit and have little to no nuts or seeds in them, my girls just won’t eat them. Until today that is! Today the heavens shined down upon me and I created a recipe that was finally a winner! Continue reading

Its lime pie time.

One of the many lovely perks of my job is that I sometimes am unexpectedly gifted with beautiful fresh produce that my customers have grown in their own backyards. Herbs, eggs, tomatoes and last week beautiful, ripe, juicey limes. I LOVE limes. I can’t sit down and eat a lime by any means but I love food and drinks made with lime, I love the scent of lime and its yummy tang. Continue reading

Not too naughty Easter Slice


Its a month until Easter and although the supermarkets have had Easter rammed down our throats stock on the shelves since boxing day, I prefer to limit all the carby and chocolatey cheer to just a month! So this week I worked on a little Easter slice recipe and I am oh so proud of how it turned out!

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